Friday, March 23, 2012

What you really need for a baby

This is my quick list just off the top of my head. I'm sure there are a few other things but this is basically it for what I use for my babies.

bath tub
wash cloths
baby nail clippers
a few baby toys
clothes- all you REALLY need in each size is about 5 sleepers, 10 onesies, and maybe 5 outfits. A pack of socks and a couple hats. I tend to use mostly sleepers for the first 3 months so I would want maybe 8 to 10 sleepers and a few cute outfits. 
play mat
boppy with 2 covers
a few receiving blankets
5 bigger baby blankets
burp rags, I prefer prefold cloth diapers
A few bottles 
2 pacifiers and a clip
car seat cover
A bouncy seat or swing would come in very handy but not necessary
high chair 
diapers. Only about 100 or maybe less newborn, 300 size 1, 300 size 2, baby will be in size 3 longer than the other sizes most likely. Don't open more than one package at a time and save receipts. 
Big box of wipes
diaper bag
diaper cream
changing pad and cover if you want or just use the floor
I prefer a longer low dresser for clothes and the top for the changing area
A few bibs. I don't really use them until feeding baby food starts
baby monitor
soft brush and small comb
Water proof sheet and 2 to 3 sheets for crib
some sort of baby wrap is handy. I made myself a moby type wrap and love it. It is so much more comfortable than a sling.
That's about it really. 
I skip pack in play sheets and just use a blanket. I also skip baby towels and just use normal ones.