Monday, June 27, 2011

29 weeks

Did I mention before that I am really bad at keeping this updated? Good thing I've been keeping a pregnancy journal or I wouldn't have much to go back and look at. Well I am 29 weeks today. Aimee was born at 39 weeks 4 days. It seems crazy to me that this baby could be here in 10 weeks! Today I started writing lists of what needs done before she gets here and what we still need to get. We are on such a tight budget right now. Even buying formula is going to be really hard. I want so bad to decorate a nursery and a matching bedding set. But we don't even have room for a nursery of her own much less the money to decorate it. Oh well. We are blessed and have basically everything we need. I'm so glad I kept most of the things we had for Aimee and friends have given or loaned me all the clothes we will need. This baby will have more clothes than Aimee ever did! I just really hope we can find a bigger place to move to soon. That and the mold here seems to make Aimee sick.

Speaking of Aimee, she seems really excited for her baby sister to get here. She hasn't really held still enough to feel the baby move but lately she asks if she can feel her. She says the baby is sleeping in my belly button and wants to kiss my belly all the time. I think she will be a really good big sister. I can't wait for her to see her for the first time. I wonder how she will react. And I worry about how she will do with sharing and being gentle enough. It sure is going to be interesting!

Since 21 weeks I think I've grown a bit. But I still am not that big. I really wish I didn't have all this belly fat so I could have a cute baby belly. We were comparing pictures of last time and I am looking so much better though. My face was swollen and puffy at this point, my boobs were so huge, and I just looked fat. I'm so glad I'm so much healthier now and I really hope I lose the diabetes when she is born and can be healthier. I do wonder when and if my belly will really grow though. I've started to be more uncomfortable. And I really can't lay on my back without feeling strange. But I'm surviving! Sometimes I feel so tired, like I could just sleep all day. But nothing like how I felt last time. I guess I did just start the third trimester though.
22 weeks

So now for an update. I guess I will go back to 21 weeks. I was sent to a fetal cardiologist in Springfield. Everything looked good but I was told to stop taking Metformin since it isn't approved after 20 weeks. Within a week I started feeling my high blood sugar much more often. I also started eating pretty badly for a few weeks. When my sugar gets high I feel miserable, like I'm dying. I get shaky, my heart races, I feel weak to the point I can barely hold myself up. It sucks. I put on about 5 pounds over the next 2 months which would have been ok but I knew it was from eating so badly not from the baby growing. At my appointment about 26 weeks the doctor went ahead and put me on glyburide. I officially have gestational diabetes. After a few days my sugars had gotten a lot better and I have been working a lot harder at eating right. I had gotten up to 210 pounds but at my 28 week appointment I was back to 208.5 so that made me feel good. 
24 weeks
The doctor I have been seeing the whole pregnancy was just here temporarily. They found a replacement sooner than expected so I will be seeing him from now on. I really hope I like him. Dr. Ver Beek did such a good job and really seemed to care and took the time to listen. I don't know that we saw eye to eye on a lot of things concerning birth but he handled it so that I felt listened to and respected. I'm starting to get nervous about labor. I know I can do it but it is still scary. I had a few contractions the other night that really hurt. I had to take a bath to calm them down. I keep thinking how much easier it would be to just have an epidural. But I am so against all the risks and I know it wouldn't be worth it. Its a nice thought though. I think I would be less nervous if I were planning to just go with the flow. Refusing an IV and cervical exams is kind of intimidating. I like to let someone else be in control so choosing how I'm going to do this while I'm in a lot of pain is hard. I'm determined to stick to my guns though.
25 weeks
27 weeks
At 28 weeks I had my first growth ultrasound. I'll probably have another one at 34 weeks. My Mom got to come to it, this was the first one she has been to with either of my pregnancies. Aimee was being a handful so she didn't get to enjoy it at first. Baby was measuring one day ahead and right on track at 2.5 pounds. I can't remember how long she was though. Once again everything looked fine. My fluid levels are looking good too. The tech said we needed to measure movement so she bounced the wand on my stomach over and over for a while. Weirdest thing ever to see it and watch the baby move on the screen.

29 weeks
This picture was at the zoo at almost 28 weeks. I feel like I look so huge here but not in other pictures or in person. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

The baby usually moves a lot. Usually in the morning and evening. I think she naps in the afternoon. She was kicking up high and moving my whole belly. Then one night I was laying on my back feeling my belly. I found what I think is her head down pretty low. I pushed on it and she would push back. It was so cool. I loved knowing where she was and having her be so active. But the next day she seemed to have flipped. The doctor felt and said he thinks she is still head down but since then I've been getting all the kicks to my bladder and lower belly. I kind of miss having her up high and knowing where she is. That and I haven't been feeling her as strong or as often anymore. I did start to feel hiccups though. Only every once and a while. Not every night like I did with Aimee.   That's about all for now, maybe I will even update more regularly from now on!