Monday, October 12, 2009

What to take to the hospital

This is just a quick list I came up with, sorry it's not very well put together. I think it is a little more informative than the generic lists.

I packed the baby's bag way ahead of time. I waited to pack mine until I was in labor and that got me really stressed out. It is hard to pack it early though because you use a lot of the stuff.

For the baby:
Going home outfit, make sure you have something warm and something cute for pictures.
Don't just bring newborn clothes because you never know what size your baby will be. Mine didn't even fit into anything under 3 months when she was born.

Normally insurance pays for a 2 day stay after the birth. The hospital provides basic onesies, hats, blankets, and diapers. You don't have to bring clothes but if you want to you can.

The carseat, get the base set up in the car now instead of waiting
carseat cover
2 or 3 onesies
hand mittens
1 or 2 outfits
2 receiving blankets
1 or 2 baby blankets
a few burp rags

I also packed the diaper bag to leave in the car
extra onesies, outfit, blanket, and burp rags

For you:
nursing pillow
birthing ball if you have one
toiletries- you will want to take showers. I wish I had done my makeup before birth and while in the hospital. There are so many pictures taken and you don't want to look as crappy as you feel.
Non-slip slippers
2 or 3 pairs of pajamas or comfy clothes for in the hospital
going home outfit
nursing bras
chap stick
things to do during labor
your pillow if you want
extra batteries!
cell phone charger
list of people to call
Birth plan! this is a big one. I forgot mine and the doctor gave me an episiotomy and cut the cord without asking.
Make sure everything you bring is ok to get blood on. You bleed really heavily at first and even with the huge pads on I leaked a lot. I would suggest just wearing a shirt and staying covered with blankets or something. I wore the hospital gowns the whole time but realized you could see my boobs through the nursing slots when I saw the pictures. Also eat a good breakfast when you first go into labor. You will need the energy and they won't let you eat once you get to the hospital.

Your husband and anyone who stays with you needs to bring their own food and Entertainment as well as stuff for an overnight stay.