Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby basics- my layette

I will give you two lists. The what you need and don't as far as furniture and my basic other list. Let me start by saying that I wanted the perfect nursery with a matching set of furniture. After looking at the prices I changed my mind. My furniture doesn't match, but my nursery is still cute and functional. I would recommend the book baby bargains you can get it at from $0.75 to $12. I used it to buy everything. It tells you the best brands, prices, ratings, and safety for everything.

You do not need a changing table. Try to only get things that you can use as the baby gets older and for other children. We got a 3 drawer dresser with a 2 shelf cabinet on it. It is long and low. We used the top for the changing area. I think we got it at Walmart for around $100. Get a changing pad and 2 or 3 changing pad covers. I also have a changing organizer that hangs on the wall to hold diapers, wipes, etc.

I have a rocking chair that was also under $100. We got a Graco-Lauren 4 in 1 crib. It is one of the safest cribs and only costs $140 at walmart. I also have a Rubbermaid set of drawers for all the small stuff.

I used a Graco pack n' play playpen with the bassinet and changing area on top of it for the first 3 months. We didn't even use our nursery for anything more than a closet that whole time.

Here is my layette list:
The Boppy for breastfeeding, this was my best friend, take it to the hospital with you. I have multiples of some things because they will get pooped and puked on.

5 receiving blankets.
2 or 3 bigger baby blankets
6 long sleeved onesies
6 short sleeved onesies
3 sleepers
1 or 2 bag sleepers
3 newborn hats
5 pairs of socks
1 pair of gloves, to keep baby from scratching
baby washcloths
baby bath soap
baby lotion, don't use baby oil it will dry them out worse
a carseat cover
1 package cloth diapers to use as burp rags
2 packages of disposable diapers
baby wipes
non-talc baby powder
diaper rash cream
baby finger nail clippers
nose bulb
2 pacifiers
a package of bottles in case breastfeeding doesn't work out
breast pump, even a hand pump, that's all I ever used
breast milk bags
diaper pail
a baby swing would be nice but I survived without one
bouncy chair, great for putting baby in while you clean house or take a shower.
2 or 3 sheets for the bassinet
some sort of rocking chair is nice but you don't have to have one

You won't need these right away if baby is sleeping in your room
2 or 3 sheets for crib
crib mattress
waterproof mattress pad
baby monitor
changing pad
2 or 3 changing pad covers

Baby's hospital bag.
2 or 3 outfits
a going home outfit
a few blankets
a pacifier

Honestly that's about it. I could probably think of more if I tried but like I said you really only need the basics, not even everything I mentioned. Get all the rest you can, let yourself heal and recover after giving birth, don't be afraid to ask for help, and take lots of pictures. Good luck.……