Monday, April 11, 2011

18 weeks

I had my 2nd doctor appointment today. It was with a different doctor than I saw the first time. While we were in the waiting room Aimee had a blow out and stunk up the whole waiting room. I forgot the diaper bag so a complete stranger gave me a diaper. Thank God for such sweet people!
We were supposed to be doing belly pictures but I like this one better.

First things first the nurse checked my blood sugar. I was shaking so bad I could barely put my finger to the lancet. Turns out my blood sugar was 68. So they went and got me some apple juice. The doctor started by telling me they are going with my lmp for my due date. So it moved from September 14th to the 12th. So I am officially 18 weeks today. Wow that went by really fast. And oddly I am in no hurry. I am feeling completely patient. I'm really glad I've made it to this point where I get to find out the gender soon. And I look forward to just going through the rest of the pregnancy.

Anyway, so the doctor is sending me to a high risk diabetes educator so I can get a new meter and start testing 4 times a day. He wants me keep track of everything I eat as well and have me back in 2 weeks to see if we can figure anything out or if I need to be put on any other meds. I've been on metformin for the last 4 years but it just isn't doing the trick.

We got to hear the heartbeat again. It took a while for the doctor to find and I was starting to get pretty nervous since I haven't really felt baby move much yet. But he did find it and it was 150bpm. At my ultrasound it was 170. My uterus is just above my belly button so I am growing just on track. I still have not gained any weight and I hope to keep it that way. The doctor agreed that should be my goal for the whole pregnancy. I'm going to have to cut out the sugary snacks and eat even more healthy if I'm going to accomplish that without exercising.

17 weeks
I think I'm feeling movement. It is totally random and I seem to feel it most when I'm sitting up especially with the computer on my belly. With Aimee I felt it most lying flat on my back and it was very distinct flutters in my lower belly. These are more like twitches and I feel it most to the left of my belly button. So strange.