Friday, August 5, 2011

I had the best doctor appointment today!

To start with, I was kind of nervous for my appointment because I wanted to go over my birth plan and a few other things. I was nervous that I would be in for a fight because I want things as natural as possible. Well my doctor was in emergency surgery so they sent the nurse in charge of labor and delivery and the nurse who teaches the child birth classes in to do my appointment instead. 
I am 34 weeks 4 days so they did the GBS test. I also have been having some strange discharge so they swabbed me for that. And I have been contracting pretty good so they went ahead and checked my cervix which I am totally ok with at this point. It was nice to have women doing it instead of my new, youngish, male doctor. I know it doesn't mean much, but I was almost 2 cm and 25% effaced with my cervix forward. I was only 1cm when I went into labor with my first daughter so I'm just happy to be making progress already.
I told them I would just wait and go over my birth plan and questions with my doctor at the next appointment. They said they had plenty of time and would be happy to go over it. Well it turns out I talked to the 2 best people! My doctor is new to this hospital so he wouldn't have been able to answer half my questions. They went down my whole birth plan and it sounds like this hospital is a lot more natural friendly than most. They told me just about everything on my list would be easy to accomodate. Such a relief! They also were able to go over some of the things I still wasn't sure about and answer a lot of questions. And because they are both Mom's and one of them is pregnant again, they were able to tell me all about the pediatricians in town. We are new to the area and I still had know idea who we would use. I've also had trouble getting my older daughter in to a doctor here because they are all full. Well I found out there is a PA that works in the office who is also a lactation consultant and specializes in feeding issues. She has plenty of room for new patients and both the nurses love having her for their kids.
This is where the lactation consultant part comes in. I had a breast reduction with nipple grafts almost a year ago so I'm not supposed to be able to breastfeed. I want to try though. The one nurse said she was unable to breastfeed her first due to being on chemo at the time. She said the hospital will set me up to try supplemental nutritian. Where I can have the baby eat at my breast through a tube but still suck on my nipples. This way I can breastfeed if there is any chance. This was the best thing I have heard in a long time! I have had such emotional trouble not being able to breastfeed and this is exactly what I need. That way even if my milk ducts don't work, I can still get the bonding and experience of breastfeeding. And I can get the help I need if my baby has issues with formula! It was also great getting to talk to a Mom who has been through the same thing and hearing how she felt and dealt with it.
I know this is getting really long, almost done. I was also able to get a few formula samples. I've asked for some before but always asked the wrong people because they were new to the office. Anyway I am so happy! All my questions were answered and my fears were put at ease. Now I am ready to do this whole birthing thing!