Monday, August 22, 2011

Planning what you can't plan

The birth of our babies is the biggest, most important day of our lives. Dare I say even more important and special than our wedding day. We spend months planning our weddings. Down to how every minute will go. It is kind of the same with birth. Like a wedding, you pay professionals thousands of dollars, or more throughout your pregnancy to get ready for the big day. You research everything under the sun, and find just the right people to be part of your big day. But here's the weird thing. You don't get to plan the date! It is so mind numbing to me to be preparing for this event so thoroughly but still be in the dark about when it will actually happen! I mean can you imagine approaching your wedding day that way? We would all be a complete wreck! So maybe this is why it is so hard to wrap my head around what is about to take place. I know something huge is coming. I know who will be there, where it will be, roughly how it will go. Heck I even have a lovely blue gown picked out! I know it will be a very painful, probably long, very intense day. I will need to use all the planning I did to get through. And in the end I will be meeting one of the most important people to me. The person I will love most for the rest of my life. But I don't know when it will be. It could start 10 minutes from now or 5 weeks from now. Man does that make for a bundle of nerves!