Thursday, August 18, 2011

My birth plan

Due date: 9/12/2011

Patient: Amanda Andrews (Mandy)

Patient of: Dr. Shumate
Delivering at: Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital
I know that things change, but unless there is a genuine medical need I would like to stick to this plan as closely as possible. If a change needs to be made it should be discussed with me in full before proceeding.
Labor/delivery coaches: Husband-Joe and Mom-Dana . All other persons should be directed to the waiting room.

Labor/vaginal delivery
-         No IV, my doctor has given the ok for a hep lock.
-         Limited vaginal exams
-         Fluids and light foods by mouth throughout labor

-         Free to move, walk, and change positions throughout labor including birthing ball and tub use
-         No internal monitoring
-         No artificial rupture of membrane 
-         Wear my contact lenses or glasses throughout labor/delivery
-         I do not want to be offered any pain medications. If I want something I will ask.
-         Absolutely no pitocin
-         NO EPISIOTOMY, I will tear if necessary.
-         Would like the perineum supported while pushing to avoid tearing
-         Should I tear I would like a local for the repairs
-         Allowed to choose the position I deliver in.
-         A mirror to view baby's head crowning.
-         Do not want coached pushing.
-         Baby placed directly on my chest immediately after delivery
-         Hold baby during delivery of placenta and all initial exams performed on my chest.
-         All exams/bathing in my presence. Baby does not leave our sight. In the case of an emergency her Father must be with her.

In Case of Cesarean:

Unless absolutely necessary, I would like to avoid a Cesarean

-         To be fully informed and involved in decision making
-         husband present at all times
-         A spinal

-         Please help me stay calm by explaining what is about to happen and what I am feeling during surgery
-         If she is not in distress she should be put on my chest
-         Baby should always be in our sight

-          If baby has to be taken away due to an emergency, the Father must be with her

Baby care postpartum:

-      Baby laid on my chest right away

-      All cleaning and checking to be done in my presence

-      Baby is not to leave the room unless in an emergency, if this occurs, her Father must be with her at all times

 -     No Hep B shot 

-      Would like to try using a supplemental nursing system